Big Timber Creek Waterfront Redevelopment 

Project Synopsis

The Big Timber Creek Waterfront Redevelopment project is a public-private partnership between the Borough of Bellmawr and Big Timber Junction, LLC, focusing on the environmental remediation of a waterfront area comprised of three (3) former landfills, and then eventual redevelopment into mixed- use commercial property. Working hand-in-hand with the NJ-DEP, the site has been designated a “Brownfield Development Area”, or BDA.


The Borough and the Redeveloper identified three (3) objectives at the beginning of their joint venture:

  1. Complete environmental remediation.

  2. Construct a waterfront park with a natural walking trail.

  3. Commercial development.

The project began in earnest back in 2006, which was followed with environmental remediation activities for over a decade. Flash forward to 2018, and the site should be capped and remediated by year’s end, paving the way for commercial development. With planning currently in full swing on the park & walking trail, construction could begin in the Fall of 2018. Efforts to develop the property commercially have steadily ramped up since late 2016, and will increase exponentially with completion of the environmental remediation and parkland construction.

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