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Big Timber Creek Waterfront

Project Synopsis

The Big Timber Creek Waterfront Redevelopment project is a public-private partnership among the Borough of Bellmawr, Bellmawr Redevelopment Agency and Big Timber Junction, LLC, focusing on the environmental remediation of a waterfront area comprised of three (3) former landfills.   Working hand-in-hand with the NJ-DEP, the site has been designated as a “Brownfield Development Area”, or BDA. 


At the on- set of this undertaking, the Borough and the Redeveloper identified three (3) objectives to guide their joint venture:

1.  Complete environmental remediation

2.  Construct a waterfront park with a natural walking trail

3.  Commercial development

Beginning in earnest in 2006, the project has seen massive environmental remediation efforts lead by an experienced LSRP <Licensed Site Remediation Professional>, who serve as agents of the NJ-DEP.  Flash forward fifteen (15) years later with nearing placement of the final cap, construction of the waterfront park & natural walking trail is now on the horizon.  Additionally, opportunities for commercial redevelopment continue to be studied and explored.

Project Updates

Waterfront Development Permit - 2022

Green Acres Subdivision

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